Cat In The Window

I took these pictures of Catcher when we lived in Gallup, NM.  At the time we also had another cat and dog that we rescued from animal shelters.  Catcher didn’t live at our house at first.  He lived across the street at my neighbors house.  My neighbor loved our cat so much that she wanted to adopt a cat for her boys.  The cat she adopted started spending more and more time at our house.  I found out later that the boys were terrorizing him.  I was selling Avon at the time and my neighbor was one of my best customers. One day she came to me and asked me if I wanted Catcher.  She said that all of his shots were up to date and that she would trade him for eight shampoos.  Eight shampoos for my Catcher…what a deal! He has been such a wonderful part of our family ever since.

He loved sitting in that window watching the birds. You can’t see it in the picture but there is a bird feeder right behind him with about 5 inches of snow on top of it.

Catcher lives in Arizona now with my kids and grand kids.  He’s such a good kitty…he likes bringing them mice and gophers as presents 🙂

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